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Jump Pit Foam Blocks

foam blocks

We produce 6” and 8” cubes:

A minimum size order and an additional charge may be necessary.
Factory select cubes will get the lowest possible price.

6" Foam Cube $1.59 each

8" Foam Cube $3.19 each



green cube


red cube






Foam Sheets

Coming Soon!


Foam Sale, LLC will request quotes from our list of carriers. If you have a freight carrier you trust, we will be glad to us them. Contact us at for more info on our freight quotes.

Safety & Durability

Foam Sale, LLC. uses 1.5 pound per cubic foot density foam with an initial force deflection (IFD) of 40. What this means to you is that our foam will last longer, and have greater crush resistance than the cheaper lower density foams sold at similar prices.

Density and firmness are what gives the foam its feel and impact resistance. Tensile and tear strength are measures of durability and resistance to shredding. If you have a pit and the cubes tore when kids played with them and you’re tired of cleaning up pieces it’s tear strength not density that you need. Our foam has some of the highest tested strengths in the industry.

You can request foam cubes that pass California Bulletin 117 for 2015. These cubes will have no fire retardant. Our normal cubes contain fire retardant. You must check with your insurance carrier and with your local building code department to assure what standards must be met. All polyurethane foam will burn when exposed to a direct flame and fire retardant limits this combustion.

All foam cubes discolor over time after exposure to light, this is natural. That yellowish tint that develops has no effect on the quality or durability of the foam.

Special Order Sizes Available.

Minimum of 2 sheets per order.

Foam Pit Cube Minimum Order.

Qty. 980 for 6" Blocks
Qty. 396 for 8" Blocks

How many Foam Blocks do you need?

In order to further simplify your purchase with us, we have created a foam calculator, that based on your foam pit dimension will calculate how many blocks you will need and then call us to order.

Foam Pit Block Calculator

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