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Colorful Foam Cubes

Experts in Foam Blocks

Foam Sale, LLC. has a direct link to one of the world’s largest polyurethane foam manufacturing facilities, giving us the advantage of pouring foam and cutting foam cubes for your foam pit order in the same locations.

Factory Direct

There is no middleman in your order. When you purchase from Foam Sale, LLC. we will have the factory pour the foam for your order. For smaller orders we have cubes in-stock for quick delivery.


We've been shipping foam cubes to the industry since 2010. We are foam experts and can answer any questions you may have.

How many Foam Blocks do you need?

In order to further simplify your purchase with us, we have created a foam calculator, that based on your foam pit dimension will calculate how many blocks you will need and then call us to order.

Foam Pit Block Calculator

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